Birth Control Combination Pills: Are They Right for You

The kind of birth control combination pills you use is an individual choice, and there are numerous choices to browse. In case you’re an explicitly dynamic female, you may consider birth control pills. Birth control pills, likewise called oral contraceptives, are drugs you take by mouth to avert pregnancy. They’re a viable strategy for birth control. Discover how they function and what symptoms they can cause, just as different components to enable you to choose if birth control pills are a decent decision for you.

What are the kinds of birth control pills?

Combination pills

Combination pills contain manufactured (man-made) types of the hormones estrogen and progestin. Most pills in each cycle are dynamic, which implies they contain hormones. The rest of the pills are inert, which implies they don’t contain hormones. There are a few sorts of combination pills:

  1. Monophasic pills: These are used in one-month cycles and every dynamic pill gives you a similar portion of the hormone. Amid the most recent seven day stretch of the cycle, you take idle pills and have your period.
  2. Multiphasic pills: These are used in one-month cycles and give diverse dimensions of hormones amid the cycle. Amid the most recent seven day stretch of the cycle, you take idle pills and have your period.
  3. Extended-cycle pills: These are ordinarily used in 13-week cycles. You take dynamic pills for 12 weeks, and amid the most recent seven day stretch of the cycle, you take inert pills and have your period. Thus, you have your period just three to four times each year.

Birth Control Combination Pills Are They Right for You

Progestin-just pills

Progestin-just pills contain progestin without estrogen. This sort of pill is additionally called the minipill. Progestin-just pills might be a decent decision for women who can’t take estrogen for wellbeing or different reasons. With these progestin-just pills, all pills in the cycle are dynamic. There are no idle pills, so you could conceivably have a period while taking progestin-just pills.

Choosing a kind of birth control pill

Only one out of every odd kind of pill is a solid match for each lady. Converse with your specialist about which pill alternative would work best for you. Components that can influence your decision include:

  1. your menstrual side effects
  2. whether you are breastfeeding
  3. your cardiovascular wellbeing
  4. other endless wellbeing conditions you may have
  5. other drugs you may take

How do birth control pills function?

Combination pills work in two different ways. To start with, they keep your body from ovulating. This implies your ovaries won’t discharge an egg every month. Second, these pills cause your body to thicken your cervical bodily fluid. This bodily fluid will be liquid around your cervix that causes sperm travel to your uterus so it can prepare an egg. The thickened bodily fluid keeps sperm from achieving the uterus.

Progestin-just pills additionally work in a couple of various ways. For the most part, they work by thickening your cervical bodily fluid and by diminishing your endometrium. Your endometrium is the coating of your uterus where an egg embeds after it’s treated. In the event that this covering is more slender, it’s harder for an egg to embed in it, which will keep a pregnancy from developing. What’s more, progestin-just pills may anticipate ovulation.

How would I use birth control pills?

Combination pills arrive in an assortment of organizations. These incorporate month to month packs, which pursue either 21-day, 24-day, or 28-day cycles. Expanded regimens can pursue 91-day cycles. For these configurations, you take one pill every day in the meantime of day.

Progestin-just pills, then again, just come in packs of 28. Similarly, as with combination pills, you take one pill in the meantime consistently.

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How compelling are birth control pills?

Whenever taken accurately, birth control pills are powerful in anticipating pregnancy. As indicated by the CDC, both the combination pill and the progestin-just pill have 9 percent disappointment rates with a run of the mill use. That implies out of 100 women utilizing the pill, 9 would get pregnant.

To be completely successful, progestin pills must be taken inside a similar three-hour timespan consistently.

There is marginally greater adaptability with combination pills. When all is said in done, you should attempt to take combination pills in the meantime every day, except you can take them inside a similar day by day 12-hour window and still have pregnancy insurance.

Certain meds may make either kind of pill less compelling. These include:

• rifampin (an anti-infection)

• certain HIV meds, for example, lopinavir and saquinavir

• certain antiseizure meds, for example, carbamazepine and topiramate

The pill may likewise be less powerful on the off chance that you have looseness of the bowels or spewing. On the off chance that you’ve had a stomach sickness, check with your specialist to check whether you’re in danger of pregnancy. Use a reinforcement strategy for contraception until you know it’s protected not to do as such.

What are the advantages of birth control pills?

Birth control pills have various advantages:

  1. They secure your day in and day out. You don’t need to stress over birth control amid closeness.
  2. They’re successful. They secure against pregnancy superior to anything most other birth control choices.
  3. They help direct your menstrual cycle. This can be useful for women with unpredictable or substantial periods.
  4. They’re completely reversible. This implies when you quit taking them your cycle will come back to typical and you can get pregnant later.

There are additional benefits relying upon the sort of pill. Combination pills may likewise give some security against:

  1. acne
  2. ectopic pregnancy
  3. thinning bones
  4. non-carcinogenic bosom developments
  5. endometrial and ovarian malignancy
  6. anemia
  7. heavy periods
  8. severe menstrual issues

Progestin-just pills have different advantages too, for example, being more secure for women who:

  1. can’t endure estrogen treatment
  2. are smokers
  3. are more established than 35 years
  4. have a past filled with blood clumps
  5. want to breastfeed

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What are the inconveniences of birth control pills?

Birth control pills don’t insure against explicitly transmitted diseases. To ensure you’re secured against these diseases, you have to use condoms notwithstanding your day by day pill.

Likewise, you need to make sure to take your pill consistently. What’s more, you have to ensure you generally have another pack prepared to go when you complete a pack. On the off chance that you miss a pill or defer starting another pack in the wake of completing a cycle, your danger of pregnancy increments.

Reactions and dangers

While birth control pills are alright for most women, they do accompany some reactions and dangers. Each lady responds contrastingly to the hormones in birth control pills. A few women have symptoms, for example,

  1. decreased sex drive
  2. nausea
  3. bleeding between periods
  4. breast delicacy

In the event that you have these symptoms, they will probably enhance following a couple of long periods of utilizing the pill. In the event that they don’t enhance, converse with your specialist. They may recommend that you change to an alternate sort of birth control pill.


A genuine danger of utilizing birth control pills, particularly combination pills, is an expanded danger of blood clusters. This can prompt:

  1. deep vein thrombosis
  2. heart assault
  3. stroke
  4. pulmonary embolism

Generally, the danger of blood coagulation from utilizing any sort of birth control pill is low. As per the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, out of 10,000 women, less than 10 will build up blood coagulation in the wake of taking a combination pill for a year. This hazard is still lower than the danger of building up blood coagulation amid pregnancy and following conceiving an offspring.

Be that as it may, the danger of blood coagulation from the pill is higher for specific women. This incorporates women who:

  1. are exceptionally overweight
  2. have hypertension
  3. are on bed rest for extensive stretches

In the event that any of these components apply to you, converse with your specialist about the dangers of utilizing a birth control pill.

Chat with your specialist

Many birth control alternatives are accessible today, and the birth control pill is an astounding one. Be that as it may, the best birth control decision for you relies upon numerous variables. To discover a choice that works for you, converse with your specialist. Make certain to make whatever inquiries you have. These might include:

  1. Which sort of birth control pill may be better for me?
  2. Am I taking any drugs that could cause issues with a birth control pill?
  3. Am I at higher danger of blood clumps from the pill?
  4. What would it be advisable for me to do on the off chance that I neglect to take a pill?
  5. What other birth control choices would it be a good idea for me to consider?

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